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Certificate in Relaxation and Health Coaching


This is a modular 4-day programme which provides health coaches with a range of relaxation techniques to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. Learners must attend Module a) and b) below (module details elsewhere):


a) Primary Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (2 days)

b) Primary Certificate in Relaxation Skills Training (2 days)

A certificate of achievement is awarded to Learners who successfully complete the programmes. The aims and objectives are the same as for the specific primary programmes undertaken. This certificate programme provides training in specialist areas relating to relaxation, health and wellbeing coaching. The certificate programme is run in association with the Centre for Coaching and Centre for Stress Management.



A certificate is awarded to Learners who successfully complete the programmes. 



The programme is recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology for the purposes of CPD.



The trainers include Professor Stephen Palmer PhD FIHPE (Hon) and Dr Siobhan O’Riordan PhD MIHPE (Hon) who are both Chartered Psychologists and members of the Institute for Health Promotion and Education.

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