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European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

The mission of European Association for Distance Learning (EADL) is to represent all privately-owned and non-governmental European organisations offering high quality and educationally sound distance learning. EADL aims to improve the quality and acceptance of distance learning to ensure the maximum benefit for students. EADL provides its members with a forum for open discussion of all issues related to distance learning and for sharing ideas and good practice.

As a non-profit organisation, EADL represents over 500 Distance Learning Institutes through 65 members, associated national and international organisations and individuals in about 20 European countries. EADL aims to be a partner in national and European Union discussions concerning the relationship between education and training and the labour market, and between education and information technology. As the only European body for private and non-governmental open and distance learning EADL assumes responsibility for this specific task within the field of education in Europe.


The International Academy for Professional Development Ltd is a member of the European Association for Distance Learning. We conform with the Quality Standards of the European Association for Distance Learning.

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