Why did we set up the International Academy for Professional Development?

Team Meeting

When we first established the Centre for Stress Management in 1987, the Centre for Rational Emotive Therapy in 2000, and then the Centre for Coaching in 2001, most students came from the United Kingdom. Over the past decade this has changed considerably. We now have students attending our courses from all over the world. However, due to the challenging economic situation, students have asked us to provide more online and distance learning programmes too. This saves on their travel costs and time. In addition, most professional bodies now expect their members to undertake regular Continuing Professional Development and Education (CPDE) and our qualified ex-students have asked us to provide a flexible CPDE approach.

In order to increase efficiency we have centralised our administration by setting up the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd which now deals with group programmes and projects such as organising course accreditation and recognition and providing online resources.

The International Academy has allowed us to set up Centres and Faculties in new areas such as business and management due to new flexible CPDE courses being developed and externally accredited. In addition, as an international academy it now has fostered links with chartered bodies such as the Chartered Association of Business Administrators (CABA) based in Canada that provide Chartership and Certified coaching designations to successful students who also have appropriate experience.

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