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Stephen Palmer Partnership Ltd

The Stephen Palmer Partnership Ltd is the external consultancy arm of the Centres and provides a range of consultancy and training services. In association with the International Academy for Professional Development and the Centre for Coaching we can provide in-house recognised certificated courses in coaching and performance. These courses can lead up to diploma level at graduate and postgraduate levels depending upon the needs of your organisation and staff. Short courses and workshops include:

  • Introduction to coaching

  • Use of imagery techniques in coaching

  • Health and wellbeing coaching

  • Introduction to cognitive behavioural coaching

  • Performance coaching

  • Stress management coaching

  • Coaching for resilience

In association with the Centre for Stress Management the Stephen Palmer Partnership Ltd provides stress auditing and stress risk assessment service. We can develop and deliver in-house stress management workshops and seminars from half-day to three days. Workshops include:

  • Managing stress

  • Maximising performance under pressure

  • Dealing with stress at work

With the expectation that managers need to have relevant management competencies in stress prevention, our courses can be tailored to their needs and prior experience. In addition, we can provide manager and executive coaching to your key personnel. 


Our group of Centres can provide professional body recognised training in health and safety, health and wellbeing, and cognitive behaviour therapy.

The Co-Director of the Stephen Palmer Partnership Ltd is Kate Thomas BA MRSH.

Do contact us if your organisation is interested in bespoke or recognised training for its staff. Email the Co-Director Kate Thomas

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