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Primary Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Training


​This intensive 2-day course based workshop covers the theory and practice of cognitive-behavioural therapy and training. Some of the topics included are agenda setting, thinking errors (ie cognitive distortions), downward arrow, the importance of homework assignments, and the use of daily thought records/dysfunctional thought forms. These issues and techniques and their application to the treatment of stress, depression, phobias and anxiety are also covered. A video will be shown to demonstrate some of the techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to practise some of these techniques in small group work. Handouts, questionnaires, and a manual are provided.

For the purposes of skills training, participants should be prepared to discuss one problem in small group work. Normal rules of confidentiality apply. The course provider is the Centre for Stress Management.


To provide an introduction to the theory and practice of cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) with particular emphasis on A.T. Beck’s cognitive therapy (CT).


This 2-day course will help participants to:


  • Define Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in terms suitable for clients

  • Understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours

  • Distinguish between thoughts and feelings

  • Learn the main features of CBT practice

  • Be introduced to a map of the CBT competencies for depression and anxiety disorders

  • Gain practice in teaching the cognitive model

  • Gain knowledge of the hierarchical organisation of thinking with reference to automatic thoughts, intermediate and core beliefs

  • Undertake a problem assessment

  • Learn about the structure a typical therapy session 

  • Develop skills in eliciting and examining negative automatic thoughts (NATS) and developing alternative responses to them

  • Gain practice in using a CBT Daily Thought Record

  • Gain practice in homework negotiation


The trainers are Prof Stephen Palmer PhD and Kasia Szymanska who are Chartered Psychologists and BABCPAccredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapists. Since the 1990s they have both co-authored books, chapters and articles on CBT.



This Centre for Stress Management course is British Psychological Society Learning Centre approved for the purposes of CPD.




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