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Faculty of Professional Development

The Faculty of Professional Development supports the work of the International Academy and its affiliated Centres. All students and alumni can join the Faculty through becoming members of the International Academy website. Initially they need to contact the office directly to inform us that they wish to join.


The Faculty is developing free textbooks and other material for our students to assist them with their studies and background reading. Student and Alumni Associates of the Faculty of Professional Development will also have free access to articles and short online courses.


For alumni who have completed our extended programmes, the Faculty offers professional development CPD programmes at a reduced fees. These blended and distance learning courses are are recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology. 


The IAFPD Faculty of Professional Development endorses the Universal Declaration of Ethical Principles for Psychologists developed by the International Union of Psychological Science. Faculty members are expected to adhere to these Ethical Principles


Student or Alumni Associate Membership of the Faculty of Professional Development is restricted to students, alumni and current Faculty staff. 

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