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BPS Division of Coaching Psychology


We are pleased to announce that the British Psychological Society (BPS) Special Group in Coaching Psychology has become the Division of Coaching Psychology. (See the BPS announcement.)

We are receiving enquiries from psychologists with BPS Graduate Basis for Chartership (GBC) asking whether or not our IAFPD course programmes can be used towards the proposed BPS coaching psychology portfolio route to chartership. Although the majority of our coaching and coaching psychology programmes are BPS Approved for the purposes of CPD, until the full details about the portfolio pathway route is published we advise psychologists to check the FAQs on the BPS website and obtain further information directly from the Division. Email:


Our staff can only comment on our current courses and/or development programmes that have already been recognised by professional bodies to lead to membership and/or professional recognition or accreditation. (See the Institute of Leadership and Management, Association for Coaching and International Society for Coaching Psychology pathways to membership and/or accreditation.)

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